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This collection of decorative sculptures, vessels and wall pieces are reminiscent of eroded shells, fossils and ancient rock formations.

The pieces are meant to be touched and handled so great care is taken to make the tactile experience of the piece as enjoyable as the aesthetic.


The collection is a mix of slab-built and press-moulded stoneware, fired to 1280°C. Oxides are applied to add depth to textures in the naked clay whilst bright barium blue glaze pools in dips and recesses, creating a striking visual and tactile contrast.


Sand was collected from the Yorkshire Coast and added to the barium blue glaze, giving a fantastic range of colours; golden yellows, caramelised browns and frosty greens. This is achieved by the rich iron deposits in the sand, capturing the strong mining history of the area and Anna’s own childhood explorations of the coastline.

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