I have adapted all my classes to an online format as, now more than ever, my students need to play with clay.

For them, creating beautiful ceramic objects usually comes second to the actual process itself.

Working with clay provides a wonderfully tactile experience, aiding in relaxation and offering escapism by occupying the brain with something creative.

Becoming fully immersed by the repetitive, almost meditative, methods of forming the clay, my students have often lost hours! Emerging calmer and (usually!) proud of what they have achieved.


I have also created a Clay Class Facebook group, allowing students to connect with each other, share progress, see what others are making and ask me questions between tutorials, creating a supportive and friendly community, especially needed when we can't currently meet face to face. 

Online Courses

Courses available under 2 packages to suit different needs, click the course title below for more info.

Three Green Bottles, online course