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Ceramic Wildflower Meadow​

TCV Skelton Grange Environment Centre, Leeds

Sponsored by GrowWild, 2016

Skelton Grange Environment Centre in Leeds is a hidden gem, run by the friendliest and most inviting people I have had the pleasure of working with!

I was commissioned to create a Wildflower Meadow of ceramic flowers to celebrate the Centre's 25th year, part of a wider programme of events including the 2nd exhibition of Swarm (see pollen page)


Over the space of a month I worked with 3 local schools and also volunteers at Skelton, producing 562 ceramic flowers for the installation.

York College were kind enough to host my team as we glazed all the flowers and fired them in the college's large kilns.

Purple, violet and blue glazes were chosen as the colour palette, referencing the ultraviolet world that bees see.

Over the space of 2 days I worked with my team to install the ceramic flowers as a wave across the grass. It was tricky to get the movement right from all angles but worth the time and effort, and luckily the weather was kind!

Thanks go to a wonderful team of helpers made up of students from York College, my evening classes and volunteers/staff at Skelton Grange.

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